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Thanksgiving Musings

What a strange few months it has been. Almost three months ago we embarked on an unanticipated, whirlwind journey that brought us back home to Poland just a few days ago. I have been flooded with overwhelming thankfulness for the gift it has been to live here in the short culmination of hours and days since we arrived back in our beloved Poznań. I always had lofty ambitions to journal and blog our time here – none of which has happened and sadly you are all my witnesses of that. And as often as I am frustrated with myself for that I am not frustrated by the fact that we have been busy living, traveling, and establishing lifelong relationships with faces I can’t begin picture saying, “do zobaczenia” to.

Later today we will pick up the couple who will take our place in Poland. I keep wanting it to be a dream but I’m hopeful for what is in store for them. I know this place, these people and I have fallen in love with all of it. When I leave this place I will leave forever changed…in so many ways. Fortunately we will still have some time before we leave in January and for that I am also incredibly grateful. I’m not sure why we had to lose so much time here this year between TDYs and bizarre health issues. This last trip was a blessing of preparation in some ways and really frustrating in other ways. All of that said, I am immensely grateful for the fantastic medical care KJ received both here and at Walter Reed. We are also both so very thankful for his current status and no longer feeling like we are living on the edge in regard to health decisions.

Maybe your year has been as strange as ours. Maybe not. All I know is that we have much to be grateful for this year and we look forward to soaking up every last minute we have been blessed with in this beautiful place with these beautiful people. Whatever your year, months or days have looked like, find something to celebrate and be grateful for today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.




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